Building a brand: Watershed

Watershed is a sustainable (Salmon-safe Certified and Living Building Certified) new development in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Our team was tasked with re-branding the building from start to finish, highlighting its eco-friendly features and ensuring the brand felt authentic to Seattle and its neighborhood.

Working with the Marketing Manager, I designed and helped develop all pieces of Watershed’s marketing collateral (shown here: brochure, campaign emails, construction signage, desk drop). The three parts of the logo are a representation of the Fremont Cut, the body of water that is proximal to the building. To further emphasize the environmental aspect of the property, the brochure was printed on eco-friendly stock and the desk drops consisted of salmon-safe wine and customized Miir tumblers (a portion of Miir’s proceeds fund environment and community-focused projects).

The clients were thrilled that we were able to turn Watershed into a “lifestyle brand” and commented that it may be “one of the best flyers” they had ever seen.